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Find an equipment provider and so much more.

For dependable and reliable local service, choose Tempo HealthSystems for your health equipment needs today.



medical specialty equipment | Indianapolis, IN   | Tempo Health Systems | 317-570-1518

Find the service you deserve.

Not only will the staff here at Tempo HealthSystems find the right equipment, we will also make sure your experience with us is what you should expect from a health equipment provider. Find the service you deserve with us today!

  • Fast and friendly service response
  • Local, personal contact
  • Over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge in Specialty Equipment
  • Clinically effective, reliable, clean, and versatile equipment
  • Equipment delivery, tracking, and competitive pricing
  • Ongoing communication and help

The secret to good business is caring. See how good we can be to you.

Ask yourself the right questions.

What is important to you? Ask the right questions and see why Tempo HealthSystems is your only solution to health equipment needs.

  • What equipment will satisfy your staff needs?
  • What equipment will satisfy your patient needs?
  • What do you receive for service now? What do you expect?
  • What patient needs do you have now? Anticipate?

At Tempo, we will do rounds to inspect patient progress, equipment settings, and cleanliness. How many other places offer that? Bigger is not always better. Come see us at Tempo and see why this small but progressive company will work hard to help you.

Don't let the road to recovery get any longer than it needs to be. 
Call Tempo for your health equipment needs.

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